Your Experience

I use natural light and nature to help me best capture the wonders of childhood, motherhood, coupledom and family life. I feel that allowing people to connect with their environment, be it their back yard or a stunning cliff top, brings a life and energy to images that simply cannot be recreated in a studio setting. Kick off your shoes and stroll on the beach or show me round your garden where we can make some pictures to treasure forever.

My Approach

I offer outdoor children, couple & family sessions that capture the small or the big moments and create wonderful memories in pictures. I feel that natural light sessions in nature are far more beautiful on your wall than a studio backdrop. However, for those occasions where you would like a more formal portrait, I have a mobile studio kit that I can set up in your home in a matter of minutes!


I love to photograph children outside in natural light wearing their favorite jeans or princess gown…in bare feet on the beach or in the back garden climbing their favorite tree! This is when authentic pictures emerge. No one has to take a certain pose or necessary smile at the camera, the magic shot might be that quiet moment or the uncontrollable giggle fit! I have muddied the knees of many pairs of jeans capturing that perfect shot and its worth every scoop of vanish!

The Process

Step 1: Let's chat!

Let's begin our journey with a chat over the phone. Let me know who you would like a portrait of, which wall of your home you would like your Framed Wall Art to go & how what location had you in mind. Once we have established all that we can arrange a date!

Step 2: The Process!

We will set a date & a place. We will chose a time of the day when the light is perfect (early morning & golden hour are recommended for best results). I will advise on outfits, and props…we pack baby wipes for all eventualities and we’re ready to go!

Step 3: The Ordering Session!

Your ordering session usually takes place a week after the portrait session. This is the time where you select and order the Famed Wall Art for your home. You will see your ideas from the planning session presented for you to select the Final Portraits.