• Will you advise us what to wear?

Yes, I will talk you through the most suitable outfits for the scheduled photoshoot. I always recommend keeping it simple, avoiding logos and any writing on garments. Advice will vary according to the planned shoot.

• How will we view our images afterwards?

I will send you a link to an online proofing gallery where you can scroll through your images and select your favourites for printing at the touch of a button. You can show them off to friends and view them on a smart phone or tablet for ease of access.

• Can we order more prints at a later date?

Yes. Your gallery will stay live for 3 months and I will send you a little reminder before it expires!

• How do we best choose the Framed Wall Art for our home?

Great question! In our initial chat I will ask you what room/ wall you had in mind for your final portraits. I may even ask you send send me a photo of the wall so that I can advise on what size/ sequence of framed wall art will work best.

• Can we have the digital files?

I prefer not to give digital files for the following reason. I started my photography career in college, shooting on film and hand processing photographic prints in a dark room...just like in the the movies! I loved watching those silver halides develop under a red light, it was simply magical. This gave me a strong appreciation for the photographic print itself. I have spent a long time researching & sourcing an incredible lab who make the most beautiful museum quality, archival prints on textured paper that bring your images to life and that last forever. I want you to experience that beauty and become a print nerd like me and that will not happen if I send you off to boots with a USB! Phew! That was a long answer....I'm a bit passionate about prints in case you hadn't noticed!

• Why is Framed Wall Art so pricey?

I use the best bespoke framing company who blend a traditional craft approach with contemporary styling and detail. The mouldings and materials used are the best and they stand the test of time. You can absolutely run out and pick up a frame for €10 but unfortunately it will warp and bend within days, I know as I've been guilty of it in my own house (hangs head in shame!). Please don't fall at the last hurdle and put your gorgeous print behind a sheet of thin foggy plastic, give it the best home you can! Materials are pricey as they are the best quality but I am constantly researching and updating my products to give you the best value for your investment.

• Can we just buy the prints as we have some lovely frames already?

Yes of course! I have a full price list for prints of all sizes, just ask and I will send you the PDF.